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BA and BSc are both reputed degrees for Psychology!


However, when we look at the framework of both these degrees their is are many differences that lie across them.

1) What you choose as a Master's


In BA in Psychology, you are restricted to a few specializations for Master's like Clinical Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Counselling Psychology etc.

But after BSc along with the above mentioned you can also opt for neuro psychology or forensic psychology.


2) Nomenclature


It is said by experts that a BSc degree gives you much more practical experience than a BA degree. A BSc degree could be considered at par with a BA in applied psychology degree where more attention is given to field work and actual application of the theories learnt in class.

On the other hand there is limited practical training in a BA Psychology degree.

In B.A things are more theoretical And Theories are given utmost importance. 

While in BSc things are more from applied and Scientific perspective. So in that , You get more exposure to the Modern world applications of theories than theories themselves.


3) Eligibility


A BSc being a science degree needs the candidate to have passed class 12 in Science stream from a recognised board and should have secured a minimum of 50% to be eligible.

In BA Psychology candidate can be a pass out from any stream from a recognised board with 45% minimum score.


Both the degrees are well-respected, valuable as well as marketable. Whichever programme you choose should depend on your interest, preference and what you want to do in your future! To get a good hold of the foundational psychology, B.A is better and for the more modern world approach, B.Sc is better

Top universities for Ba psychology are given on our blog (click here) . Top universities for BSc in Psychology on the other hand include Ethiraj College For Women, Chennai, Chandigarh University, Ashoka University, Kerala University and Christ University.                                                      - Soumya Gulati